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Ehud Barak's illustrious political career

Ehud Barak's
political career

Barak running from Lebanon

Running from
Barak perpetrating some underhandedness
Up to some
trick to
Barak's zbang vgamaru underhandedness
vgamarnu -

and it's done!
Barak's pre-election embarrassment
Barak defeated due to his destructive policies
defeat due
to his de-


Shows what comes from negotiating with the enemies of the God of Israel!!
Exodus 34:12 Be careful not to make a treaty with those who live in the land
where you are going,
or they will be a snare among you.

  • The Barak government's freeze on cash transfers to East Jerusalem delivered an obvious message to each of its Arab residents: "Dear resident of East Jerusalem, Israel's presence in East Jerusalem is temporary and, thus, it is not in Israel's interests to invest in you." Nadav Shragai: Jerusalem must be liberated again Ha'aretz 6 March 2001
  • Arafat made a fool of Barak. He proved, even to much of the Israeli left, that the entire theory of preemptive concessions, magnanimous gestures, rolling appeasement was an exercise in futility. Charles Krauthammer: The Weekly Standard
  • Channel 2 also explained that Barak decided not to meet Arafat AFTER Arafat already made it clear that he would not meet with Barak.
  • Palestinain officials have nicknamed Prime Minister Ehud Barak "the lemon" because Arafat has squeezed so many concessions out of him. (Yoni Ben Menachem Senior Israel Radio Diplomatic Correspondent).
  • "About Barak, it's a shame to waste words. His flight from Lebanon is what brought this intifada. What pains me most is his unwillingness to win this war. My father would say they (Barak and Peres) are both tired and that their personal impulses have taken precedence over the national interest. Daniella Weiss, Major of Kidumim, Ha'aretz 8/12/2000.
  • Barak's various comments since his election have already had an impact on how the Arabs relate to his administration.  They sense weakness and they keep upping the ante.  The Palestinians are openly
    talking about their claims to both eastern and western Jerusalem and the return of refugees to everywhere without any qualification. IMRA 10 February 1999
  • I think that Arik Sharon will win.  I also think that (Likud MKs) Limor Livnat and Silvan Shalom can also beat Barak in the elections.  I think anyone can beat Barak today. MK Michael Kleiner, in Hebrew, on 10 December 2000.
  • IMRA:  Minister of Agriculture Ehud Barak  is expected to consult with Minister of Defense Ehud Barak to ask him to press for action to be taken to relieve the serious shortage of agricultural workers cause by the closure.
  • Some have suggested that Minister of Education Ehud Barak send high school students to help save the harvests.  For the time being, Prime Minister Ehud Barak has declined to get involved in the problem.
  • Genuine Jewish leaders have always been prepared to sacrifice their lives for their country.  This is the first era in Jewish history which finds our leaders prepared to sacrifice their country for their lives.  Gary M. Cooperberg. The Fruits of our "Peace" Process October 3, 2000
  • Likud MK Michael Eitan charged that "Barak is acting like a dictator ruling in a banana republic and not like a prime minister in a democratic country." IMRA 10 July 2000
  • Even Cabinet Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, a long-time Barak loyalist, described Barak's efforts at Camp David as more than "flexibility, it's a total collapse...  Barak has sold the Palestinians everything." IMRA July 24, 2000
  • Isaac Herzog, the cabinet secretary, was expansive in his praise for the agreement, as was Yossi Cucik, the director-general of the Prime Minister's Office. And so the three have together created a new milestone in 1984-style doublespeak: Failure is success.

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