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May they ever be ashamed and dismayed; may they perish in disgrace. Let them know that you, whose name is the LORD (Jehovah)-- that you alone are the Most High over all the earth. Ps 83:17-18
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BELIEF STATEMENTS Concerning Israel & the Jews

Minorah from NIS200 note

Including, the only FORMULA for PEACE scripturally. Since these Belief Statements are based on scripture and actual facts about the legal and historic rights of Israel, they can be turned into DECREES in the Name of the God of Israel.



The ongoing struggle throughout history over the NATIONS between Elohim (the God[s] of the Bible and Satan (Lucifer) is due to Elohim wanting them separated, each with a unique identity, while Satan wants to set up a One-World System like Babylon (Babel). Elohim wants to rule the nations from Jerusalem, which means that the kingdom of David needs to be restored (See Boundaries of Israel). Satan, of course, wants to prevent this at all cost, and has created the so-called Palestinian nation by means of the Oslo Peace Process as  a TOOL to divide and ultimately destroy Israel, the Jewish State - Jehovah's inheritance.


The God of Israel and Allah of Islam are different Gods. Allah is a foreign [MOON] god  and he should be banned from Israel and his mosques, minarets and other structures should be destroyed. (See Elohim vs. Allah)  ISRAEL IS THE LAND OF THE BIBLE, NOT OF THE QURAN & SHARIA LAW!

Psalm 81:9 You shall have no foreign god among you...!!
We should therefore pray that Islam will be discredited showing the God of Israel to be the only true God, as in Psalm 83:17-18,

God of  Israel is "The Living God" and He has a Son -- sometimes referred to as "the Angel of the Lord." "They" (God/Jesus) have nothing to do with the "Mother/ Son" duo worshiped in some so-called churches, since they were derive from the moon and sun gods of Babylon; Semiramis/Tammuz - the reincarnation of Nimrod. See "Nimrod"

We recognize the sovereign right of the God of Israel to decide about the boundaries of nations and who lives where (Isaiah 10:13 ...I removed the boundaries of nations, I plundered their treasures; like a mighty one I subdued their kings. & Psalms 66:7 He rules forever by his power, his eyes watch the nations--let not the rebellious rise up against him).


The conflict over territory mandated for a homeland for the Jews and the Temple Mt. is ultimately between the God of Israel and Satan - using the NATIONS & Islam and its followers as cannon-fodder - while Jlm is not even in the Koran; Rabbis' lame attitude
Ps 10:16 The Lord is King forever and forever. Those who follow other gods shall be swept from his land. TLB

We agree with the conclusion of  Tsvi Misinai that most Palestinian Arabs are genetically Jewish.
This premise is based on solid scientific and factual evidence and makes the stand-off between the Jews and the Palestinians even more complex. We now don't just have a struggle between Israel and her enemies, but one between brothers. Whereas we have always regarded the Palestinians as a non-nation, fabricated to push out the Jews, it turns out that they are a nation, but a Jewish one with a long history and not a fabricated Arab one with no history or legality.

When God of Israel says, "For Zion's Sake I Will not Rest!" (Isaiah 62:1, He could refer to any or all of the following, his Temple Mt., his city, Jerusalem, his land of Israel as such and his Jews. See "Zion Is".


That all His promises to the Jews about the Promised Land still apply - as well as Mosaic Laws that forbid the Jew's to negotiate with nations or people they find in their land (viz. from Arabs neighbors) -- Drive them out; NOT to make peace treaties; divide the land, Jerusalem. See Scriptures; Gaza

- SLA spokesman two years after Israel's withdrawal from south Lebanon: "You have to know that in the Middle East, you cannot achieve peace by projecting weakness. Strength projects the ability to make peace." May 24, 2002
Isa 19:16-17 Just to speak the name of Israel will strike deep terror in their hearts, for the Lord Almighty has laid his plans against them. TLB

"I will not drive them out before you," in Judges 2 &3 didn't imply that Israel didn't anymore need to drive out the nations living in the land promised to them.

The God of Israel could destroy/expel the so-called Palestinians for the same reasons to as for the nations that occupied the Promised Land when the Jews arrived there the first time; especially because they sacrifice their children to idols - see Death Worship

Israelis are commanded to settle on all the Land promised to them: Numbers 33:53 "Take possession of the land and settle in it, for I have given you the land to possess."

Settling on the mountains of Israel is especially important and the God of Israel mentioned it specifically in scriptures about the Jews' return to the land in our day: : "And I will make them one nation in the Land upon the mountains of Israel..." Ezekiel 37:22 (Presently Arabs are living on many mountains of Judea/Samaria, and that is why it is so important for Israel to maintain the settlements).

The land of Israel becomes a wasteland when the Jews are not living in it. See Wasteland; Occupiers

Decisions of the Allied Supreme Council at San Remo, Italy in 1920, in accordance with the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917, turned the right of the Jewish people over Eretz Israel into a right recognized by international law. (Professor Eliav Shochetman; Prof. Talia Einhorn).

The British Colonial Office, headed by Winston Churchill, had no right to exclude Trans-Jordan, some 78% of "Palestine," from the provisions of the Mandate pertaining to the "Jewish National Home" in 1922. (Moshe and Barbara Kohn & UN Peace; Occupiers).

From the point of view of international law, the recognized right of the Jewish people over all areas of western Eretz Israel is completely valid, including the right to settle throughout the territory. (Professor Eliav Shochetman).
Yesha rabbi, Rabbi Eliezer Melamed: ... "conquest is bad." ...the solution for this problem is provided in the Torah: Whoever loves us, and believes in our right to this land, can live here, and then will not feel that he is under conquest. Whoever doesn't recognize our rights, shouldn't live here. This is the solution." May 27, 2003

The UN Partition Plan of 1947 was just a "non-binding" suggestion - especially for the Jews since the Arabs rejected the idea of a partition -- they refused to accept the idea of a Jewish State on "their land!" (See also "Partition;" Prof. Talia Einhorn; Rabbis)

No Arab entity has signed any agreement -- since 1920 -- that gives them the Title Deed to any of the land west of the Jordan river -- that had been mandated for a Jewish HOMELAND... For that matter, Israel's neighbors Jordan, Syria and Lebanon are "CREATED" -- not real -- nations, and that on land that is historically Jewish land!

The Arab's conflict with Jews and Western nations is also due to the Arabs trying to reverse Noah's curse on their forefather Ham: He said, "Cursed be Canaan! The lowest of slaves will he be to his brothers. Genesis 9:25. See Arabs are Hamites

Hagar was sent away so as to prevent Ishmael from inheriting what was meant for the Hebrew nation. The Arab's continued occupation and claims of land in the territory mandated for a homeland for the Jews and their drive for a separate state, is an Ishmaelite attempt to become co-heirs with the Jews, overturning the God of Israel's ruling of Isaac being the sole heir. In fact, the Arab's god (of Islam) wants all the land. See Hagar-Ishmael

Nobody had the right to give Arabs and CHURCHES  land in Israel - without it being subject to Mosaic Laws stipulating its reverting back to Jewish ownership at set times. The State of Israel should nationalize all land west of the Jordan River and lease it back to "occupants" according to Mosaic Laws.

The Arabs came to Israel from Arab countries to find employment: viz. Senior figures in the Palestinian Authority are leaving... And if anyone asks where they are going to, the answer is also distressing: to their homes and families. Daniel Sobelman. HaAharon 5 September 2001. See History of  Arabs in Israel

Arabs entered British Mandate Palestine freely (without permits needed by Jews) from all the surrounding Arab countries as the Jews who had returned made the deserts bloom, created jobs and good health conditions. Joan Peters Harper and Rowe NY 1984

Most Arab refugees from Israel left  in 1948 because their Arab brothers advised them to do so. See Arab-advice, refugees.

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