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From: zionsake
To: Philip's List
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2001 4:42 PM
Subject: No world redemption without Israel's restoration

Shalom Chevre
I think Jan Willem's perspective (below) that redemption of the nations depends on Israel's restoration, differs widely from that of the church - even evangelicals. I am really skeptical of this talk in the church, sometimes even based on "a word from the Lord", about revival. I have even worked for a Messianic couple in Israel whose mission had been to work for revival. Needless to say, they were not getting anywhere with that - although they did succeed to entrench themselves in a materially flourishing little kingdom.

I've done a study of Romans 11:26, "And all Israel will be saved...," using the cross-reference function of a computer bible. It gave me one hundred references, almost all having to do with the return of the Jews and the physical restoration of Israel. See

A friend in Tel Aviv, who pastors a Spanish congregation, nevertheless drew my attention to the fact that the breath (Spirit) of the reconstituted dry bones in Ezekiel 37 is to come from the 4 corners of the earth; the nations.

Chag sameach Chanukah
Philip Blom
PS. See for a fairly comprehensive list of pro-Israel sites and services.

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From: International Christian Zionist Center
Sent: Monday, December 10, 2001 12:09 PM
Subject: Greetings from Jerusalem

Dear Friends,
As you must have seen on your television, we have gone through another wave of terror here in Israel. But there is something worse even than these awful events that have just taken place here, and that is the progress being made towards the establishment of a Palestinian state on the land of God.

This is what the Devil desires and strives for: to upset the great and wonderful plan God has to turn this planet earth once again into a paradise of peace and righteousness under our Lord and Messiah’s reign! As Satan knows, without a fully restored Israel the redemption of this world cannot take place.

For as Paul writes in Romans 11:15: “For if their being cast away is the reconciling of the world, what will their acceptance (and fullness) be but life from the dead?”

And of course many other verses speak into the same theme, like Acts 3:21, which speaks of the Lord coming back only after the full ‘restitution of all things.’

Regarding this all-out effort to bring about the establishment of a Palestinian state, especially after the announcement by Colin Powell that this has now become official US policy, the Lord has laid it on my heart to really sound the trumpet, the trumpet of alarm for His holy purposes sake.

I hope you received my last emails concerning this. In the event you may not have, I enclose them here.

It is astounding the way God has forged contacts for me in prominent places in Israel as well as in the United States through which I am able to convey these warnings and words to those in the highest positions.

Pray with me that God will lead me further in this ­ to be His voice to nations’ governments, to Israel and to the Church.

The battle is on between Satan and God, and soon between the false messiah ­ who will try and deceive the whole world ­ and the real Messiah. And as the Bible clearly foretells, in both the Old and New Testaments, the epicenter of this titanic battle will be Jerusalem and Israel. Who will possess this land of God, the Evil One through his people, or His people Israel, soon to be sanctified by a real outpouring of His Holy Spirit? This will be the final battle for the redemptive destiny of our planet, Earth.
With love and thankfulness
Your Jan Willem and Ellen Margrete van der Hoeven

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The story of Israel is not just a good story
Wednesday, April 17, 2002
by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz, an editor for IsraelNationalNews

The story of Israel is not just a good story.  It's more like an epic story of constructive Good. In the 54 years of Israel's existence, it has changed from a place where, in the 1950's, food and basic supplies were rationed, to a place where Israeli technology companies regularly pull down foreign investments of millions of dollars. It has developed a free press unheard of in the Middle East. It has reinvigorated the Jewish faith, after European Judaism was all but exterminated in the Holocaust. It has gone from a place where an immigrant's first dwelling was likely to be a tent, to a place where immigrants are upset when they discover that they cannot import a car more than two years old. It has gone from a place where Jewish pioneers died while clearing malaria-infested swampland, to a place where modern-day Jewish pioneers are working on a cure for heart disease. It has changed from a place struggling to survive, to a place criticized for doing so too successfully.

The real secret of the Jewish state, however, is its people. Since the start of 2002 alone, 5,169 Jews have immigrated to Israel and today, Israeli Independence Day, 212 Jews arrived in Israel from Argentina, the latest of the approximately 1,500 Argentinean Jews who have come home over the past year. In the past weeks, more than 600 new immigrants arrived in Israel from the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, from Ethiopia and from Argentina, from France, South Africa, Germany, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, the U.S., Canada and India. Israel is an amalgam of Jews from all over the world, drawn to it by faith and nationhood, taking part in the great ingathering of the exiles. The population of Israel in 1948 was about 600,000 (similar to the number of Israelites that left Egypt in the Biblical Exodus). Within three years, the population had more than doubled, as another 687,000 Jews flooded Israel's shores... Altogether, since 1948, the Jewish State has absorbed close to 3 million immigrants, all the while facing determined enemies intent on its destruction.

Above all, of course, stands the larger, dramatic story of the Jewish people, predicted in the Bible, yet wholly unpredictable: A nation whose land was usurped by an Empire, was then conquered and re-conquered by various other imperious nations, eventually reclaims its inheritance, after all of the conquering "eternal" empires have faded from history... Throughout all of the conquests by foreign interlopers, Jews have maintained a constant presence in the Land of Israel. Today, the Land's original sovereigns are returning to give life to this, our Third Commonwealth. No one can halt the great story of Good from progressing. Least of all, the aging two-bit gangster from Egypt who is holed up in Ramallah.
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