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From: "Philip Blom" <>
To: "Jerusalem Post" <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 11:18 PM
Subject: No Islam, no suicide bombers!

Amen to Prof. Raphael Israeli's assessment of Islam being the source of
suicide bombers in his article, " Too early to celebrate" in Jerusalem Post
of January 25, 2002. One can actually categorically assert that we wouldn't
have had to cope with attacks like those of 11 September 2001 and the
frequent ones in Israel, had it not been for the false indoctrination in
Islam that martyrs are rewarded with special pleasures.
Islam being the source of terrorism, why not just uproot it in countries
where it is the aggressor rather than to chase after thousands of Bin Ladens
all over the world? Israel was commanded to destroy the structures of
foreign gods in their land and not to make images - because there are demons
attached to them. It is therefore not strange that suicide attacks seem to
occur more frequently near mosques or minarets, like the minaret off Strauss
Street, near where the attacks tend to be launched in Jaffo Street, and the
"immaculately restored" mosque near the Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv. Why not
target them, the sources of demonic hatred, rather than the Arab's empty,
lifeless security buildings?
Philip Blom
Tel Aviv
(Telephone 056-547-383 - not to be published)