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From: Philip Blom
To: IMRA ; Arutz-7
Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2002 9:37 PM
Subject: PM Sharon is now ''negotiating under fire!''

Magen David on the Bible Sh
Dear Friends
Please allow me the following comments:
  • So PM Sharon is now "negotiating under fire!" But why does Omri Sharon need to be present? Is he the crown prince, or does he represent "Big Brother," the Mafia, the Freemasons, family interest, etc.
  • According to what Bennie Elon and other religious and rightwing leaders had said, this is now where they are going to give back their Volvo's keys. But I think they should stay, (1) so as not to satisfy Yossi Sarrid (in MK Elon's case), and (2) in view of Islam being a false religion (see scrollbox), to start taking steps against it - as good Torah observing Jews. A good start will be to repeal the 1976 Law of the protection of holy (and unholy) sights -  at least, as a start, Muslim structures in Jewish areas should be destroyed.

"We're not attacking Islam but Islam attacked us. The God of Islam is not the same God!" It's a different God and I believe it is a very evil and wicked religion." Rev. Franklin Graham

  • Israel was commanded to destroy the structures of foreign gods in their land and not to make images - because there are demons attached to them. It is therefore not strange that suicide attacks seem to occur more frequently near mosques or minarets, like the minaret off Strauss Street, near where the attacks tend to be launched in Jaffo Street, and the "immaculately restored" mosque near the Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv. Why not target them, the sources of demonic hatred, rather than the Arab's empty, lifeless, security buildings?
  • Binni Netanyahu said he'd only given away 2% of Eretz Israel. The real test, however, is, WILL HE HAVE THE GUTS TO TAKE IT BACK? Especially the Abu Shneinu Hills!
Shavua tov uvrachot.
Philip Blom
Founder of Holy Land Inc. <> and <>