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Gamla, fighting for the Golan: Gamla, fighting for the Golan:

By Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator
Winston Mid East Analysis & Commentary April 17, 2002  |  |

Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir was implored not to go to the Madrid Conference. As it turned out, this was the beginning of the Oslo Process. Everyone knew - both enemies and friends - that it was one big trap. Although Baker’s Boys (the Jewish aides to James Baker) Dennis Ross, Daniel Kurtzer, Aaron Miller denied that they, as State Department apparachniks, were deeply involved, nevertheless, they bounced from room to room, cutting deals, making promises that would not ever be kept.

I recall penning an article forecasting that Egypt would be recruited by the U.S. State Department to demand that Israel stand down her nuclear deterrent. As night follows day, near the end of the Madrid Conference, Egypt’s representative recommended a "nuclear free zone" which would leave Israel to face the overwhelmingly greater conventional forces of Egypt , Syria, Iran, Iraq, among others, with only conventional arms and without her nuclear deterrent.

This was not the first time that a play had been made for international intervention. Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres roamed the world, meeting with heads of states to implore them to put pressure on Israel through an "International Peace Conference". In 1988, then Foreign Minister Peres, contrary to Israeli cabinet policy, tried to initiate an International Peace Conference. His then Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir called Peres’ effort "insane", "madness". The trick was always to get Israel into the arena with not one bull but dozens of bulls. Three years later, October 31, 1991, Prime Minister Shamir was trapped into the Madrid Conference (which was the threshold of Oslo) through stealth, trickery and ever present treachery.

Now, once again, there is a major movement afoot to convene an "International Peace Conference". That is an oxymoron if there ever was one.

This is the theatrical set and the script:

First, they get a Prime Minister who believes (as all Israelis believe) that he can overcome anything. That is how they trapped Shamir.

The players today will be the U.S. State Department , the U.N. representatives, the E.U. representatives, the Arab nations, Palestinian representatives and, guess who will be the main attraction as the bull to be teased, prodded, pierced and, eventually, slaughtered?

Of course it will all be done with pressured dignity. The Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah’s phony plan, which calls for Israel’s withdrawal to the armistice borders of 1948-49 (the Auschwitz borders which invited the Arabs to create the 1967 Six Days’ War) will be the cutting edge of the groups’ persuasion. The word "normalization" appeared briefly in the Tom Friedman fantasy article that made it look like Abdullah said the words Friedman put in his mouth, but even that was too much for the Saudis and "normalization" was withdrawn.

In this next peace adventure, Israel will merely have to provide Arafat’s Palestinian terrorists with a solid state of their own where they can tool up again for weapons and no longer need to smuggle in weapons of war from an accommodating Egypt, Iran or Syria. Now, they will be able to import serious tonnage of advanced weaponry - just like all the other ‘states’ in the Arab Middle East.

Israel will be required to abandon the high ground along with the Jordan Valley, leaving open the five passes into the Jordan Valley, through which Syria and Iraq can advance their troops - cutting Israel into pieces to be devoured.

Of course, none of this will happen, because we will have a piece of paper, guaranteeing our existence, counter-stamped by the U.S. State Department and the American President. Of course, the nations present, except for Israel, will know that the U.S. State Department’s stamp of approval is bogus, irrelevant and worth less than the paper it is stamped upon - just like all the prior co-signatures on agreements with Yassir Arafat. He was supported, despite his every broken agreement - even with Arab states.

Israel will be expected to give up her water, both from the aquifers under the Judean and Samarian hills, as well as the water that flows from the Golan Heights and nourished Israel’s only fresh water resource, Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). Didn’t you know that Syria was to be bribed with the Golan which is Israel’s primary water source, as well as the high ground military position? Israel will be asked (ordered by the world) to create a capital for a non-existent people to assuage their vaunted feelings of humiliation for losing to Israel in so many wars.

When I say: "non-existent", of course, the people exist, but there was never an Arab Palestinian entity. The Arabs entered British Mandate Palestine freely (without permits needed by Jews) from all the surrounding Arab countries as the Jews returned to make the desert bloom, creating jobs and good health conditions. The only "Palestinians" were the Jews under the British Mandate from 1917 to 1948 when Israel because a State 54 years ago today. (1)

Israel will be forced to pull back to the 1948-49 Armistice lines, giving up her defensive critical mass. For these gestures, Israel is supposed to receive "recognition" by the Arab nations. Who needs their recognition anyway? Israel exists today as a viable, thriving nation. Of course, Abdullah removed the word: "normalization" from ‘his’ peace plan, which was actually created by Tom Friedman as a trial balloon.

This would be something like the Camp David Peace Accords with Egypt where then Prime Minister Menachem Begin was euchred into signing away the Sinai Desert for "peace" and "normalization" with Egypt. This became known as the "Cold Peace" because it was all just the absence of war. That is something. No Israeli soldier has been killed on the Egyptian border. But, it was not normalization, which meant visits to each other’s countries, business ventures and the cessation of vile anti-Semitic articles in Al Ahram, Egypt’s state-controlled newspaper. Well, folks, none of this happened, except for the absence of war (so far). "Normalization" was merely a word for ‘dopes’ to buy into.

Once there is a formalized International Conference with Israel in the docks to be pilloried, then anything she refuses will cause the ‘honored’ assembly to vote sanctions against her. This will mean embargoes of commerce, medical and academic research, more assistance to terrorist groups and nations. In a way, this has already begun with those so-called civilized nations like Germany, France and England, who have been persecuting Jews for centuries.

Germany started by embargoing tanks parts that were purchased with irrevocable contracts. France and England followed suit. They were ‘merely’ stopping the shipment of any military equipment - or so they said.

I am reminded of the same concept as follows:

In 1948, the U.N. had just voted to allow the State Of Israel to be partitioned into existence, along with that of the Arabs. Immediately, President Harry Truman, through his State Department, along with France and England, issued a dictum which embargoed arms to the nascent Israel. These ‘noble characters’ were not going to encourage fighting by shipping in war materiéls.

The invading armies of the six surrounding Arab countries were well-armed by the West who didn’t stop their shipments to Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Iraq. It was anticipated that Israel would be over-run by these six

Arab nations, already armed with tanks, artillery, planes and other modern weapons of the times.

Yes, it was expected (planned?) that the fledgling Jewish nation was to disappear in a swift onslaught by the Arabs and, of course, no one would expect the U.N. or the Free World to mobilize in such a short time to save the Jews. No one would blame them, just as no one blamed them as they all stood by and allowed Hitler’s Nazis to kill 6 million.

This next "Peace Conference" will have the look of the Inquisition minus their hoods. Israel beat off the terrorists of today but she will be assaulted from within and without. The ‘within’ will see Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin, the Oslo Gang, the Peace Now/Gush Shalom cabal and the other aberrant Left lined up solidly with those who are demanding Israel’s extinction. They will claim they are only working for peace but, the ‘Erev Rav’ were never on the side ethical Jews.

- Golden calf of peace

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Exodus 34:12 Be careful not to make a treaty with those who live in the land....Leviticus 25:23 The land must not be sold permanently, because the land is Mine....Joel 2:3 I will gather all nations...judgment against them concerning my inheritance, my people Israel, for they scattered my people...divided up my land.

1. From "Time Immemorial," "The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict over Palestine." by Joan Peters Harper & Rowe NY 1984-

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