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How to establish a government in Israel that will rule according to Biblical Zionist (rightwing) values

Dear Friends: Here is your chance to be involved as a non-Israeli in a faction of a political party in Israel that could make a difference to the running of the country. That is, to run it according to Biblical standards without being legalistic about it, or having private agendas, like the religious parties, that have nothing to do with Zionistic ideals or the well-being of the country and Israelis in general.

In the article below, "Eidelberg's Obsession with Feiglin," Shmuel Sackett, International Director of Manhigut Yehudit, explains why it is best for the Israeli rightwing nationalist camp to fight for control via the Likud. The history of the ineffectiveness of new parties in Israel definitely supports Manhigut Yehudit's view that their only chance to establish a nationalist, Bible believing leader and government in Israel is via the Likud, the biggest political party. Arial Sharon also proved this from a failed attempt to make headway in Israeli politics by means of his newly established centrist party (1972) - the blueprint of which he stole from Shmuel Tamir - see The Sharon File. That having been a fiasco, he joined the Likud to build his career -- and then implemented his real policy when he came to power, namely that of the (mostly Freemason) left.

Many Christians tell me they are not interested in politics, they just want to be involved in spiritual things and participate in Jewish religious feasts - some even trying to be more Jewish than Jews in the process. Politics, however, reflects the thinking of the people in general and what really happens in Israel. And one even has to go deeper than Israeli politics to see who pulls the strings from behind the scenes on a global level. Evidence, for instance, shows that the American Council for Foreign Relations (CFR) and their international cohorts control Israeli prime ministers and their policies - including Bibi Netanyahu who gave Hebron to Israel's enemies. The point is therefore to get a leader who fears his God (of Israel) more than the CFR and others who are trying to force Israel into conforming to global instead of Biblical standards.

Please, therefore, check the "Join Manhigut Yehudit Today" link to see whether your joining the Likud as an international member might not add a new active dimension to your involvement with Israel and her (our) God. The membership fee is a bit stiff, but we need to be reminded that supporting Manhigut will make us part of the battle between the "sons of Zion" and the "sons of Greece" (the left) that has been raging for as long the modern state of Israel exists. The outcome will determine whether there will be more Unilateral Disengagements, Oslos, Roadmaps and caving in to Israel's enemies - under or without world pressure. If you don't join Manhigut,  I would in any case like to encourage you to take an interest in Israeli politics; subscribe to some newsletters, like Manhigut's, Arutz-7, etc. - it will show you what to pray for.

Prof. Eidelberg nevertheless has most of the answers when it comes to the reform of Israel's flawed electoral system and the way judges are appointed in the courts. See Below. (Please visit Holy Land Inc. Sites to find tons of information about Israel on a broad range of subjects)

Philip Blom

Zionsake Editor

Settle the Land the Holy Land Camping way

Eidelberg's Obsession with Feiglin

By Shmuel Sackett, International Director, Manhigut Yehudit
Cheshvan 5766 (Nov, 05)

For the last month, Professor Paul Eidelberg has written -- and spoken -- virtually non stop about Moshe Feiglin. He has stated, over and over and over again how staying in the Likud is a waste of time and counter productive. In his recent Arutz-7 radio interview, entitled "Why Recruiting People Into The Likud Means More Oslo,"  Professor Eidelberg even went so far as to say; "to register for the Likud, to give one's name to such a party is more than dishonorable -- it makes a mockery of the 10,000 Jews left homeless by that party."

Professor Eidelberg states that none of his attacks on Moshe Feiglin are personal and actually testifies to Feiglin's "impeccable character." Furthermore, he extends "both hands in friendship to him and his followers." Professor Eidelberg demands he be listened to since he calls himself an expert in Israeli politics, "having lectured in universities for three decades" and "having written hundreds of articles and books on the subject of Israeli politics".

Let's now take a look at the facts.

Professor Paul Eidelberg is the President of the Yemin Yisrael Political Party in Israel. This party was founded in 1996 by Miriam Lapid, after the tragic murder of her husband and son, and by former Moledet Knesset member Shaul Gutman. Yemin Yisrael ran for the Knesset in the elections held on May 29, 1996. 44,604 votes were needed as a minimum  to get elected to the Knesset and the Yemin Yisrael leaders ran around Israel promising victory. Many thousands of people voted for this party, yet Yemin Yisrael did NOT pass the minimum, and thousands of right wing votes wound up in the garbage.

On May 17, 1999 elections were held once again for the Knesset and a united right-wing bloc was formed; Herut, Moledet and Tekuma. The Yemin Yisrael party did NOT join together in this bloc and, once again, ran on its own. This time 49,672 votes were needed as a minimum and although they couldn't get 44,000 votes in '96 they assured the people of Israel that they would pass the minimum. Once again many thousands of people believed them and voted Yemin Yisrael and, once again, the precious votes were wasted.

On January 28, 2003 elections were held yet again for the Knesset. Shortly before, the Professors for a Strong Israel, issued the following press release:

Statement to the Press -- December 11, 2002

Re: Stop this factionalism, stop wasting votes!

Professors for a Strong Israel calls on the small parties in the National Camp to give up their efforts at running separately. These are parties that have no hope of amassing the minimum number of votes needed for the Knesset representation, but that can still waste thousands of precious votes that the larger parties of the Right should be getting. The small parties must join the larger parties that also oppose a Palestinian state west of the Jordan and that are sure to pass the minimum.

This call is addressed in particular to Michael Kleiner's Herut, to Paul Eidelberg's Yemin Yisrael, to Yosef Ba-Gad's Moreshet Avot and to Moshe Green's Tzomet. We recall that in 1992 the splintered National Camp garnered more votes than did the Left, but the Left won nonetheless and brought the country the Oslo disaster.

Professors for a Strong Israel urges voters of the National Camp not to waste their votes on fly-by-night party lists that have no hope of sitting in the Knesset.

What did Professor Eidelberg do? He united his party together with Herut and ran together with them. On the eve of the elections I spoke to an excited supporter who was told by party leaders that this new union; Herut and Yemin Yisrael, would get 4-6 seats. The minimum required was 47,226 and they were predicting votes in excess of 100,000.

Once again, reality proved otherwise to these "political experts". Over 40,000 votes were in fact secured but the Herut-Yemin Yisrael party fell 5,000 votes short. The fears of the Professors for a Strong Israel came to fruition as over 40,000 right wing votes became totally useless.

After three miserable political failures -- and 70,000 wasted votes -- Professor Eidelberg is once again telling us he knows best. In a recent article, dated Oct 16, 2005 entitled "Pitfalls of the Jewish Leadership Movement" Professor Eidelberg states that he now favors creating a large party. (What happened to all the years he was in support of small parties???) His mathematical equation for success is the following: Take Likud voters who "feel betrayed" and add that to the "obvious failure of National Union and the National Religious Party" and you can get... (ready for this one???) "750,000 votes -- enough for 30 seats"!!!! (Note: I am not making this up! This is a quote from his article, (Click here to see for yourself). In other words, Professor Paul Eidelberg, who never passed the minimum number of votes needed, has never even won ONE Knesset seat and is virtually unknown amongst the Hebrew speaking population in Israel is now predicting THIRTY seats in the next election! This is a political expert???

Dearest readers; Nobody ever said taking control over Likud would be easy. Moshe Feiglin never promised instant gratification. Not one Manhigut Yehudit leader ever claimed to be an expert in anything. All we ask is that you consider the following:

In less than six months, primaries will be held within Likud to determine who will be the leader of the party and, in essence, the Prime Minister of the State of Israel. As of this writing, four men are running in that race; Ariel Sharon, Bibi Netanyahu, Uzi Landau and Moshe Feiglin. Which of those four men would you like to see as Prime Minister? Most people I ask that question to answer, "Moshe Feiglin." There's only one problem; If you are not a member of Likud you cannot vote for him!! Imagine that: FINALLY, you have an opportunity to throw Sharon out and make sure he is not replaced by one of his political clones and you can't do it because Professor Eidelberg convinced you not to join Likud!

But there's more! Within two months after primaries for party leadership, the Likud will hold its internal elections to determine the order of its Knesset list. 3,000 people -- all members of the Likud "Central Committee" -- will vote for that Knesset list. Each one of those 3,000 people was elected by members of the Likud party in regional elections. This means that if you are a member of Likud you have a voice in determining who sits in the Knesset for that party! Will it continue to be Meir Sheetreit, Ehud Olmert and Tzippi Livni or will it be Michoel Fuah, Motti Carpel and Nitza Kahane? If you feel that joining Likud is like eating "treif" then you had better get your signs ready because you will be protesting the government for the next 50 years! You will march with the Yesha Council to places like Kfar Maimon, you will sleep on hilltops, you will get arrested, you will say Tehillim with 250,000 other people at the Kotel and you will go on 13 hunger strikes but when you are given an opportunity to make a change and FINALLY change the direction of Israel's ruling party you will be home sleeping, following the advice of political experts who told you to vote for small parties, then big ones, then medium ones, then back to small ones...

Professor Eidelberg; Let's stop the attacks on the National Union, NRP and Manhigut Yehudit. It's counter-productive! Let's work together towards what we all want; An authentic Jewish State in the Land of Israel. Let's figure out how different personalities who share a common dream can work together; Effi Eitam, Benny Elon, Nadia Matar, David HaIvri, Moshe Feiglin, Aryeh Eldad, Mike Guzofsky, Michoel Kleiner, Ketzele, Baruch Marzel, Daniella Weiss etc... These people all want the same thing but have different ways of getting there. Let's pool our resources and work together, some from the inside and some from the outside. Let's become a team where not every body is the quarterback but every one is aiming for the goal line. This will make our political power stronger, our message clearer and our followers excited! This will insure the fact that no votes are ever wasted! By working inside Likud we pressure the leadership party to move in the direction we want. By simultaneously -- and in full coordination -- working outside Likud we apply a "full court press" and grab away many Knesset seats from parties who do not share our common vision. By working on the grass roots level we educate our youth and involve people on a regular basis.

Nothing will ever be gained by working alone and thinking of ourselves as "experts." Hashem gave His nation many talents and we must use all of them to achieve success. The path that Manhigut Yehudit has chosen is clear to everyone but we will work with all other groups in a united front for the good of the Jewish People. In short, since we share the DREAM... let's become a TEAM!

Click here to learn more about Manhigut Yehudit's policies:
The Crisis, The Goal, The Plan, and Manhigut Yehudit in Action.

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To the Top

A Manifesto for Thought and Action

by Prof. Paul Eidelberg & Prof. Israel Hanukoglu

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

1. You all know that Sharon has become the Left’s prime minister.
2. You remember how Mafdal and Ichud (NRP) HaLeumi (National Union) said they could do more good by staying in the government than by resigning. Look what happened:
a. They allowed Sharon to develop his plan for the ethnic cleansing of Gush Katif.
b. They joined forces with Shinui and Tommy Lapid to promote Jewish unity!!!
c. They did nothing while Jewish outposts were bulldozed.
d. They blinked while the Supreme Court handed down rulings more favorable to Israel’s enemies than to Israel’s soldiers and civilians.
e. They slept while the Knesset, the Cabinet, and the Supreme Court betrayed you.
3. These institutions must be reformed to prevent political parties from destroying Israel:


First, MKs must be individually elected by you, the voters, in regional elections. This will shift power from the parties to the people.
[ii] Second, coalition party government must be replaced by Presidential government whose cabinet will consist of professionals, not rival MKs. This will give Israel, for the first time, the institutional checks and balances required for democracy.
[iii] Third, Supreme Court judges should be nominated by the President and confirmed by the Knesset—not by a closed oligarchic committee dominated by the Chief Justice.
[iv] A Constitution based on Jewish and democratic principles must be adopted before the Left implements a constitution that perpetuates the present dictatorship­.
The Foundation for Constitutional Democracy

POB 23702, Jerusalem 91236;
Tel. 02-586-9208; Cell phone 0544-407581


Prof. Eidelberg, special to, is a political scientist, author and lecturer; co-founder and president of The Foundation For Constitutional Democracy and is the President of the Yamin Israel movement.

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