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I wouldn't have posted the letter below about Billy Graham, had I not received information myself of his controvertial views. This was namely his statement at an interfaith prayermeeting after the Sept. 11, 2001 attack, that all religions share the same God.
Philip Blom

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Dr. Cathy Burns' blockbuster book, "Billy Graham and His Friends: A Hidden Agenda", continues to sell exceedingly well, and continues to gain wider and wider exposure. Texe Marrs has now added his considerable reach to this effort to get the word out about Rev. Graham, and we want to add his 2-hour radio interview with your purchase of Dr. Burns' book on Rev. Graham.

When people have asked me how I could believe that Billy Graham is not what he appears to be on the surface, I ask a very simple question: "Is your opinion of the Rev. Billy Graham based entirely, or mostly, on what you see when you watch him on TV during the Crusades?" The answer is almost entirely, "Yes".

Then, I state the truth: when one does serious investigative work, looking at what Mr. Graham is saying in print and in interviews, from whom he is getting his support, and to whom he is speaking as a featured speaker, then a completely different picture emerges; in fact, the picture is 180 degrees different than his public posture. Truly, Jesus was correct when He said that Spiritual Deception would be THE Hallmark Characteristic of the End of the Age [Matthew 24:4, 11, 24].

We have obtained the 2-hour radio interview by Texe Marrs with Dr. Burns on this book. Dr. Burns does an excellent job pinpointing the key elements in this 800-page book. Dr. Burns considers the following elements to be key in understanding the truth of Billy Graham:

  1. Bibles For Betrayal of Christians in China -- Dr. Graham instituted a program whereby he asks for gifts to buy Bibles for Christians in China. His son, Franklin, is continuing this program. While this seems like a worthy cause, a look just below the surface reveals a betrayal of staggering proportions. The BGEA boldly states that their organization is the only one in the world that has a close enough rapport with the Chinese Government that they have arranged for these free Bibles to be distributed through official government channels. What few people realize is that, when a Chinese Christian comes forward to receive his free Bible, he has to give his name and address. A short time later, that Chinese Christian receives the proverbial "knock on the door", and he and his family are arrested. Bibles for Betrayal!
  2. Illuminist Funding of the BGEA;
  3. Illuminist Mass Media support that built Graham up in the minds of the people;
  4. New World Order Religion needed a Christian "Holy Man" that could lead Christians into the global religion of Antichrist;
  5. Graham's unbiblical stances, growing more pronounced through the past two decades;
  6. Burns emphasized that she drew her list of Graham's associations from Dr. Graham's own autobiography, "Just As I Am".
  7. Graham's radical stance in the Environment, Astrology, and Homosexuality;
  8. Role of Secret Societies in Dr. Graham's rise to power;
  9. Revelation that the decision had been made in 1896 that Global Socialism needed to be established through the leadership of a highly revered religious man;
  10. Graham praised several key Russian and Chinese Communist leaders;

Dr. Burns' book is almost 800 pages long, with 200 of those pages being exhaustive footnotes (4,400+). This tape has Hour 1 on the front side and Hour 2 on the back side.

While we have added this tape to your purchase of this book, you may order it directly and separately at

To order, go to and click on the blue button entitled, "Seminars, Tapes, CDROM's"; then, click on the "Book" category. The Billy Graham book is the fourth book down. Click on the underlined description and then order through our secure Shopping Cart system.

Help us get the word out, for the time of the ultimate spiritual deception draweth nigh!

David Bay, Director Cutting Edge Ministries
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