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The land where Satan dwells
Jan Willem van der Hoeven  
12 December 2002

Saudi Arabia is the birthplace and the motherland of ISLAM. And when they pray, Muslims the world over turn their faces, not to Iran or Libya or any other country, but to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, where the black Kaabah stone symbolizes the central point of their religious attention. To that stone, also, they make their pilgrimages.

It was also there that Mohammed grew up, interacted with Jews and Christians, and finally

Saudi Arabia: The land where Satan dwells

received his nightly visitation when he was with Kadijah his wife. This is how Macbride in ‘Mohammedan Religion Explained’ relates this strange episode:

“After this appearance…there is said to have been an intermission of two years, during which [Mohammed] suffered hallucination of his senses, and several times contemplated self-destruction. His friends were alarmed, and called in exorcists, and he himself doubted the soundness of his mind, Once he said to his wife, ‘I hear a sound and I see a light: I am afraid there are gins (spirits) in me;’ and again, ‘ I am afraid I am a Kahin,’ that is, a soothsayer possessed by Satan. ‘God’, replied Khadijah, ‘will never permit this, for thou keepest thy engagements, and assistest thy relatives;’ and according to some, she added, ‘Thou wilt be the prophet of thy Nation.’ These sounds as from a clock or a bell, are enumerated as symptoms of epilepsy. In this morbid state of feeling he is said to have heard a voice, and on raising his head, beheld Gabriel, who assured him he was the prophet of God. Frightened, he returned home, and called for covering. He had a fit, and they poured cold water on him; and when he came to himself he heard those words,’ Oh, thou covered one, arise and preach, and magnify thy Lord;’ and henceforth, we are told, he received revelations without intermission. Before this supposed revelation he had been medically treated on account of the evil eye; and when the Koran first descended to him he fell into fainting fits, when, after violent shudderings, his eyes closed and his mouth foamed. Khadijah offered to bring him to one who would dispossess him of the evil spirit, but he forbade her.”

Jesus taught that you can know whether a prophet is true or false by the fruits that are evident in his life. If the fruit is good then the spirit is good, if the fruit is bad then the spirit is evil.

From the beginning, ISLAM was spread via wars and violence. People and nations were conquered and then coerced into submission (which is what ISLAM means) to the teachings of Allah. Embracing ISLAM certainly was not a free choice arrived at by a person after serious enquiry or instruction. No, ISLAM came by the sword and subjugated multitudes by force to its teachings. During Mohammed’s life, more than 50 wars were fought in the name of ISLAM. From the very start, then, ISLAM was a violent religion that even sanctified these wars as holy by coining the detestable name, jihad; the name that until today ISLAMIC terrorist groups use for themselves and their acts of terror.

ISLAM is therefore certainly not a peaceful religion but a very violent one that believes that the whole world should be conquered and brought into submission to ISLAM, by means of war and jihad if there is no other way.

Essentially, and this is a cardinal point, there can therefore be little opposition within ISLAM to the use of force and war, given that the “Prophet” himself made ample use of such violence. And to be at loggerheads with the “Prophet” or with the violence-inspiring verses of the Quran would be unthinkable for a true and faithful Muslim.

So it is small wonder that, apart from Osama bin Laden, who is himself from Saudi Arabia, 15 out of the 19 September 11 2001 terrorists were Saudis!

Satan has done his work well in that desert country: first convincing the Muslims through Mohammed that God has no son; then using Saudi Arabia as the launching pad for the satanically-inspired religion that destroyed many Christian communities throughout the Middle East and beyond; at the same time keeping any person or preacher out of its own territory, which has thus remained under Satan’s overall influence. All this has made Saudi Arabia not only the great denier of the central point of the Gospel  that God has a Son in love with this world, also with the Muslims  but also one of the most rigorously closed countries of the world for any other faith.

Not one church, not one synagogue is allowed in this land of ISLAM. Had Allah been the same god as the God of the Bible, as so many say he is, he would most certainly have not been against people, Jews or Christians, worshipping Him in their own way. As someone insightfully remarked: If you want to see the real face of ISLAM, don’t look to where ISLAM is still a guest or minority religion, as it is in certain western countries. There Muslims are, generally speaking, polite. Wait until they have gained the power there. If you want to see the intolerant, true face of ISLAM, look to where they are the masters, as in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iran or Iraq. What you see in those lands is ISLAM’s true face and character.

Saudi Arabia is the land of Satan, the land where Lucifer lives supreme, where women are often the sex slaves of men, where slavery is still permitted, where Idi Amin, the murderer and mass killer of his Ugandan people, as is reported, found a welcome refuge, back to which even Osama bin Laden may have fled.

Saudi Arabia is:

among the world’s countries most closed to the Gospel.

a country that finances not only many mosques around the world, but many ISLAMIC terrorist movements as well.

a country that, with all its wealth and power, could have long ago helped the U.S. to solve the Palestinian problem, resettling the Palestinian Arabs with all their intellect and talents all over the Arab world, thereby saving billions of dollars in futile Middle East wars.

Instead, Saudi Arabia has become, in the name of ISLAM, an upholder of the satanically inspired fight and hatred against God’s own people. This Allah-inspired religion does not like this God who has chosen a people, called them His own people, and promised to give them a land, His land.

This god, Allah, who has no son, spews forth from Muslim minarets “Itbach al Jahud” (“slaughter the Jews!”). For the followers of Allah, even if God has promised to bring His people here, the Jews have no right to a country that ISLAM has sealed as belonging to her. Therefore these Jews must be destroyed by hook or by crook.

And so, from this land of Satan, emissaries are sent all over the world to convince, corrupt and often pliable western politicians to come against God’s people, the Jews.

So their crown Prince Abdullah is dispatched to speak to the president of one of the only countries still supportive of Israel, to meet with him and give him a lesson on the Middle East, so that also this Bush administration will keep defending this land of Satan out of fear, and not out of true belief in the rightness of their cause.

How could the Bush administration really believe in the Saudis when they must know, as Barry Rubin writes in The Jerusalem Post (12/10/2002):

The continuing financial aid by Saudis to al-Qaida and other terrorist groups, notably Hamas and Islamic Jihad, with the Saudi government reluctant to clamp down on such donations.

The absence of Saudi contrition over the fact that 15 of the 19 September 11 hijackers were Saudis.

The revelation that Princess Haifa al-Faisal, wife of Saudi Ambassador to the US Prince Bandar bin Sultan, had given money to a man who helped finance two of the September 11 hijackers in the days before the attack.

As Patrick E. Tyler, writing in the New York Times, quotes (04/26/2002):

“It is a mistake to think that our people will not do what is necessary to survive,” the person close to the crown prince said, “and if that means we move to the right of bin Laden, so be it; to the left of Qaddafi, so be it; or fly to Baghdad and embrace Saddam like a brother, so be it.”

And as Joseph Farah writes in World Net Daily 12/06/2002:

”Failing to recognize we are engulfed in a Global Jihad, an unholy war in which only one side is on the offensive, Bush and Powell pretend that the terrorism we defend against is somehow disconnected from any religious component. It is not.

”Islamism, the radical brand of Quranic fundamentalism, is on the march. Its goal is nothing short of world hegemony. Its goal is nothing short of the destruction of the United States of America. Its goal is nothing short of the end of the Jewish state. Its goal is nothing short of the elimination of Christians and Jews around the world. Its goal is nothing short of global domination.

“We see the violent outbursts today in Nigeria. We see them in Indonesia. We see them in the Philippines. We see them in the Middle East. We see them in Chechnya. We see them in the Balkans. And we in the United States saw them most clearly on Sept. 11, 2001.

“How can we continue to keep our heads in the sand?

“The only way to achieve victory in this war with Islamism is to recognize who the enemy really is. That is how we defeated the Soviet Union. President Reagan called it what it was, an "Evil Empire." And that was the beginning of the end. If we don't call evil what it is, we cannot hope to defeat it.
“No, we are not at war with all Muslims. There is a distinction. Some Muslims, as we have seen, prefer to live under freedom. Some prefer to live free of hate. Some prefer to live in peace with Christians and Jews. But we cannot ignore the fact that many do not. We cannot ignore the fact that many see our demise as their divine purpose.”
Muslims in Iran and elsewhere are burning American and Israeli flags, in religious fervor naming the U.S. the “big Satan” and Israel the “little Satan” without ever apologizing for doing so, and without being sternly reprimanded by their fellow Muslims.
There was joy and exuberance in the Palestinian Arab cities and elsewhere in the Muslim world when about 3000 Americans were crushed to death in New York and Washington D.C.. There was joy without any trace of remorse, as if the horrendous attacks truly were the will of this monstrous Allah, who by blood, war and horrific acts of terrorism wants to submit this whole world to ISLAM’s domain.
Maybe, the exact opposite is true! That instead of the U.S. and Israel - the very two nations still based on the Judeo-Christian values of the God of Israel - being the “Satans,” it is the Saudis themselves, at least in their present, terrorist supporting form, who are channels of this Evil Prince?

 International Christian Zionist Center Jan Willem van der Hoeven,
International Christian Zionist Center


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