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From: Evn Perach
Wednesday, September 12, 2001 10:26 PM
Subject: America, Israel: ISLAM is the evil behind terrorism!

Dear Editor
Re: Arafat's War, How to End It - Charles Krauthammer
The horrendous attack on America will hopefully give momentum to my cry to Israeli leaders in past weeks to attack the source of terror, namely ISLAM, rather than empty police buildings of the Palestinian Authority.

Dismantle Islam because Arafat's war depends on gullible, deceived Muslims who are willing to serve as cannon fodder. Arafat, in turn, is used by Islam to accomplish its territorial ideals and aspiration for full control the Temple Mount.  President Bush refers to "evil" that has attacked America without defining the source of the evil. What can be more EVIL than a religion that can declare fatwahs to kill Jews or to destroy America for that matter, or to practice honor killings of girls who have lost their virginity, or deprive women of all rights like the Taliban does? 

Leaders everywhere talk about an allied effort to eradicate terrorist groups and those supporting them. It will, however lead to an ongoing cycle of violence; attacks and retaliations, such as we see in Israel - that is if they can even identify these terrorists!  Rather attack Islam, the inspiration for just about all terrorists.  

How do you attack Islam? By imprisoning or killing its leaders because they convey the incitement that inspires Muslims to perpetrate atrocities. Secondly, destroy their mosques and minarets. The Serbs did it in Kosovo and the British in Macedonia - and it didn't cause WW3. These structures accommodate their communication systems to spread incitement and are often used to store arms and for other military purposes. In the spiritual realm there are spirits (blood thirsty no doubt) attached to mosques and minarets. No wonder there are mosques in close proximity to the Dolphinarium in Tel Aviv where 21 innocent youngsters were killed and the Sbarro Pizzeria in Jerusalem where 15 people lost their lives in suicide attacks. These mosques should have been destroyed in retaliation because the attacks had been inspired by Islam. Legislation is now being prepared for Knesset approval to outlaw Extremist Islam - 10% of Muslims in Israel, but 80% Muslims condone suicide attacks on Israelis! The Arabs who celebrated over the attacks in the US, were they of the 10% or the 80% categories?!

Evn Perach

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From: Evn Perach
To: Arutz-7
Sent: Monday, February 18, 2002 11:00 AM
Subject: Josef (Tommie) Lapid pinpointed the source of the terrorism: ISLAM

Arutz-7 News: Sunday, Feb. 17, 2002

All just talk (below) from Uzi Landau, The Yesha Council, Michael Kleiner, Tzvi Hendel without pinpointing the source of the terrorism:

Josef (Tommie) Lapid of Shinui (probably an agnostic), said about Islam in Jerusalem Post of June 1, 2001.
Fanatical** Islam provides the Palestinians with political, financial, organizational and religious support. Militant Islam today brings bloodshed wherever it is: In Chechnya and Bosnia, Indonesia and Afghanistan, Macedonia and the Philippines,  Algeria and Kashmir, the Ayatollahs and Mullahs see Israel's defeat  not only as a realization of the Palestinian dream but as a commandment from Allah. And as if that weren't enough, Iran and Iraq are busily building non-conventional weapons with the aim of destroying Israel.

** All Muslims are potentially "fanatical."
Destroy suicide bomber's mosques and wailing minarets, not their homes or empty PA buildings (Jews can still use them, like the one I'm working from in Ein Karem - I don't need the minaret at the fountain down my street! -- it just invites a suicide attack!).
This story that Islam and Judaism are both monotheistic, and therefore sharing the same god, is nonsense. The G-d of Israel is ONE, but a multiple ONE! He says this himself by calling himself Elohim! He is represented on earth in a human body, the Messiah, while Islam and all other religions are represented by objects - to which a lot of spirits (demons) are associated. G-d has ONE Sevenfold (multiple) Spirit, not a lot of individual spirits that associate themselves with objects of false gods.

Destroying mosques and minarets will rid Israel of the (murderous) demons attached to them!!!!!!!!!!

Psalm 81:9 You shall have no foreign god among you...!!
Evn Perach
PS. Perhaps G-d will use another leftist, Attorney-General Elyakim Rubenstein, to
attain access for Jews on the Temple Mount. 
Arutz-7 News: Sunday, Feb. 17, 2002
5. STRONG ACTION DEMANDED "To say that we must return to the negotiating table at this point is total folly."  So said Public Security Minister Uzi Landau this evening, adding, "The negotiations of the Oslo process, with Ehud Barak's willingness to give away [practically everything] at its apex, have brought upon us the biggest catastrophe in the history of the State of Israel.  We have to behave like the Americans:  Before the start of any negotiations, we have to totally wipe out all the terrorism..." 
The Yesha Council (Council of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza Communities), at an emergency meeting at Karnei Shomron last night, demanded that Prime Minister Sharon immediately put an end to the policy of restraint.  "Sharon must urgently defeat the largest terror organization in the world - the Palestinian Authority," the Council resolved, noting that the last 18 months have proved that it is not enough to thwart specific actions and to carry out limited responses:  "An operation to bring down the Palestinian Authority and clean out the territory of terrorists and the terror infrastructure must be carried out."
MK Michael Kleiner (Herut) said in response to last night's murderous attack, "The Palestinians are trying to win the war with points, and we must defeat them in a knockout.  We can't win the war without retaking the territories of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, and expelling every terrorist and everyone holding a weapon."
 MK Tommy Lapid, head of the socially-left but politically more-to-the-right Shinui party, demands that Sharon appear before the public today and explain the situation.  "It cannot be that after a weekend of killing, and when Sharon is quoted as declaring war, he doesn't tell the public what is going on," Lapid said.
MK Tzvi Hendel (National Union): "We must shake off these games of phony morality and carry out clear deterrence measures.  The suicide terrorist must be wrapped in pigskin, his family expelled, and his home destroyed."
MK Sha'ul Yahalom (National Religious Party) says that the barren talk of separation must be stopped at once: "This is one Land of Israel, on both sides of the Green Line.  We can defeat the terrorism only by remaining within the hothouses of terrorism [capturing PA-controlled areas] until it is liquidated."
Lt.-Col. (res.) Moti Yogev, currently the Secretary-General of Bnei Akiva who once served as a battalion commander in Judea and Samaria, was asked by Arutz-7 today:  "What can the army do that it has not yet done?"  His response: "The army, operating within its current outlook that does not accept that we are at war, can exact heavier and more deterrent prices from the PA, but basically this would be just 'more of the same.'  In other words, the present strategy cannot solve the problem... "It's good, however, that Sharon has used the word 'war.'  The U.S. said that it was at war immediately after the Sept. 11 bombing...  Sharon has no choice: he must fight the war, prepare the nation for it, prepare a consensus, prepare the necessary legal background, and the like.  [Even if we do not have total international support], we always knew how to make the critical decisions, starting with our very declaration of independence by Ben-Gurion, and during the Six-Day War, to do what was necessary..."To totally oppress terrorism, we have to retake all the territories we handed over to the PA, we have to arrest all those who came from abroad [the PLO in Lebanon and Tunisia - ed. note] to kill us and oppress the Arab population that was already here, and then to destroy the terrorist cells.  To those who ask whether I want our soldiers to return to patrol in the refugee camps in Gaza and Shechem, the answer is clear:  Yes, that would be much better than having suicide terrorists growing up in those areas and than coming to Jerusalem and blowing themselves up..."

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