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It would be unfair to deprive a suicide bomber of the title of shahid, [a martyr who fell in the process of fulfilling a religious command, the "Jihad" or "Holy war"] said Palestinian information minister Yaser Abed Rabbo.
(The New York Times, April 4, 2002)
Death by the sword or the gun

Mohammed, the prophet was a warrior from the beginning. He was involved in more that 50 military conflicts and never, ever apologized for using force and jihad  to spread his faith. Mohammed never held his followers back from the path of war and blood. Nor do Muslim leaders and theologians apologize for that blood-letting today...  Jan Willem van der Hoeven.  A good Muslim is a militant.

He who lives by the sword will die by the sword

"Islam is the religion of tolerance...except for doctrinal jihad"

Syrian Friday sermon 11 October 2002
[FBIS (U.S. government agency) Report]

Damascus Syria Arab Republic Radio in Arabic, official station of the Syrian Government, carries on 11 October 2002 at 0944 GMT a live sermon from Al-Zahra Mosque in Damascus.

Shaykh Dr. Muhammad al-Habash delivers the sermon....

Dealing with the subject of jihad, the imam says: "There is a need today to speak about jihad. Islam is the religion of tolerance, mercy, and love. But, it is also the religion of justice and jihad, and peace and power. It is not sound to imagine that the arrogant on earth have suddenly turned meek and that we could stop Zionist designs against Palestine with wisdom and good word. The tyranny that the Zionists practice daily on the land of Palestine, calls upon us to resurrect the message of jihad." God ordained jihad so this nation would repulse oppression, establish justice, and deal

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with life with realism and rationalism, he says, adding: There must be force to protect justice and deter oppression.

"But, this jihad, which God has ordained as a means to achieve justice on earth," the imam says, "is being distorted in Western circles. They confuse terrorism with the right to legitimate resistance. The arrogant on earth are vying with one another in describing jihad as a form of aggression. Unfortunately, some erroneous Muslim concepts contribute to spreading this wrong image of jihad."

The imam addresses President Bashar al-Asad, saying Arabs and Muslims "await a new October."    This is the people's hope, he says, while they witness Zionist atrocities in Khan Yunus, Ramallah, Rafah, and Janin. "The only language that can change the attitude of this arrogant tyrant and war criminal, who is committing murder daily, is jihad as ordained by Allah and offered to us by the October War," he adds.

The imam says: "The Zionist lobby today is leading the United States, the master of the world, to an all-out confrontation with the Islamic World. The United States speaks like a great power to the world, but turns into a lowly agent for the Zionists when the matter concerns the designs of the Zionist lobby. The US Congress approved a law recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Hebrew state thereby flouting all international laws."
IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

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Doctrinally Islam is fundamentalistic!
Jan Willem van der Hoeven

“All Muslims are fundamentalists. We have to be fundamentalists because it is obligatory that we believe in the fundamentals of Islam.” Muslim leader

Muslims believe that Islam, for which struggle, education and jihad are necessary tools, was the final revelation of Allah and should thus is the end supersede all other religions in the world

They believe in Mohammed and in the Quran as the dictated word of Allah by way of the Archangel Gabriel. And because they believe in the prophet and in the Quran they have no qualms against terror or jihad as accepted means to spread their message and influence. Otherwise they would cease to be faithful followers of the Quran and Allah. So either they completely renounce the dictates of their faith or they remain faithful to those dictates and only for the sake and consumption of the often, gullible and unsuspecting West make statements of peace and tolerance to disguise for the time being their real intent and nature: to conquer the world by stealth or terror till all the world will finally come under the dominion of Allah and Islam.

So do not call only some Muslim fundamentalists as if all the other Muslims are necessarily against their ways and practices - they are not! That’s why Arafat has been embraced -even though he was the chief of terrorism continually by Muslim leaders and Forums over the years, never being criticized by any of these moderate Muslim leaders for his use of terror.

Neither Mubarak nor any of the other so-called moderate Muslim leaders has done so. Why not? Because it would have been against the teachings of Islam to have stood up against Arafats terror.

 “There are 123 verses concerning fighting and killing for the cause of Allah. Muslims are encouraged to be wholly occupied (Sura 2:273) with fighting for Allah’s cause. Allah will give “a far richer recompense to those who fight for him” (Sura 4:96). Regarding infidels (unbelievers), they are the Muslim’s “inveterate enemies” (Sura 4:101). Muslims are to “arrest them, besiege them and lie in ambush everywhere” (Sura 9:5) for them. They are to “seize them and put them to death wherever you find them, kill them wherever you find them, seek out the enemies of Islam relentlessly” (Sura 4:90). Fight them until Islam reigns supreme” (Sura 2:193). “Cut off their heads, and cut off the tips of their fingers” (Sura 8:12)
If a Muslim does not go to war, Allah will kill him (Sura 9:39). He is to be told “the heat of war is fierce, but more fierce is the heat of Hell-fire” (Sura 9:81).
A Muslim must “fight for the cause of Allah with the devotion due to him” (Sura 22:78)
Muslims must make war on the infidels (unbelievers) who live around them (Sura 9:123).
Muslims are to be “ruthless to unbelievers” (Sura 48:29).
A Muslim should “enjoy the good things” he has gained by fighting (Sura 8:69).
A Muslim can kill any person he wishes if it be a “just cause” (Sura 6:152).
Allah loves those who fight for his cause” (Sura 61:3).
Anyone who fights against Allah or renounces Islam in favor of another religion shall be “put to death or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off alternative sides” (Sura 5:34).
As quoted from Ramon Bennett in his book “The Wall” page 242:

The Investigative Report by the Rand Cooperation says:
“The Saudis are active at every level of the terror chain, from planners to financiers, from cadre to foot-soldiers. From ideologist to cheerleader… Saudi Arabia supports our enemies and attacks our allies.”

As John Loftus, a former federal prosecutor and author of several books revealed some shocking revelations in his recent press release.  Here are some excerpts from it:

“For 20 years, I have served without compensation as a lawyer for federal whistleblowers within the US intelligence community. In the last year, I have received highly classified information from several of my confidential clients concerning a Saudi covert operation. The Saudi relationship is so sensitive that, for more than a decade, federal prosecutors and counter-terrorist agents have been ordered to shut down their investigations for reasons of foreign policy.

I am filing a lawsuit in Hillsborough County Court to expose the manner in which Florida charities were used a money laundry for tax-deductible terrorism. The complaint cities specific testimony, including highly classified information which has never been released before.

Simply put, the Saudi Government was laundering money through Florida charities run by the University of South Florida - Tampa Professor Sami Al Arian for the support of terrorist groups in the Middle East. Through the Al Arian network and others, the Saudi Government secretly funded Al Qaida, Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
The Saudi Government has already begun its spin operations, claiming that this terror network was a rogue operation financed by a radical Saudi businessman without the support or knowledge of the Saudi Government.
The Saudis dabbled with funding anti-Semitic hate groups as a means of breaking down American support for Israel. After the fall of communism, the Saudis took over funding the most militant terror organizations for direct attacks against Jewish and Palestinian supporters of the peace process. Year after year, members of the intelligence community warned that a rising wave of terror was coming. … he was told to stop because it would embarrass the Suadi Government . John O’Neill quit his job as head of FBI counter-terrorism for the same reason. Jonathan Pollard went to jail.

Federal agents in Tampa, who had known about the Saudi-Sami Al Arian connection since 1990, were ordered to drop the investigation in 1995. The Saudi influence-buying machine had effectively shut down any threat of criminal prosecution. Those Americans, including a former President, who lobbied for the Saudis have a lot to answer for. So do the Saudis. With the explosive growth of Al Qaida and their Taliban allies, the Saudis finally recognized that they had gone too far. As Osama Bin Laden laughingly related on videotape, he was approached prior to the attack on the twin Trade Towers by his relatives, who offered him $300,000,000 to cancel the operation.

My clients are betting that the American influence peddlers hired by the Saudis will succeed once again in derailing a federal investigation. They came to me for help in exposing the cover-up. That is why I am filing this lawsuit. In the months to come, the American public may finally begin to learn why the Saudi-Sami Al Arian terror networks went untouched for so long. It wasn’t an intelligence failure, it was a foreign policy failure. The orders were not to embarrass the Saudi government. Year after year, the cover-up orders came from the State Department and the White House.

The CIA, the FBI, and the Justice Department just did what they were told. No one intended the harsh consequences of letting the Saudis get away with it again. Only after September 11, when the Treasury Department found the financial transactions linking the Saudi charities directly to Osama bin Laden, did American officials realize the extent of their betrayal.”

It may be therefore significant that from the 10 major conflicts taking place currently in our world 8 out of 10 are conducted with Muslim involvement.

The unscrupulous Muammer Gadaffi, of Lybia calls himself a good Muslim, the rulers of Iran, heirs of Khomeni, believe they are the purest up holders of the Muslim faith and sharia law, Saddam Hussein calls himself “the most faithful servant of Allah”, the deadly Hizbollah in Lebanon all believe they are the best and most dedicated Muslims, so do the Hammas leaders in Gaza!

The cruel rulers of Sudan who have massacred over a million of their own southern Sudanese - most of them Christians - are Muslims. No wonder they had no problem with Arafat and or even Osama Bin Laden - they were welcome guests in Khartoum! President Assad of Syria who killed over 20.000 of his own Syrians in Hama called himself an Alawite Muslim. They are killers and when they come together as Muslim brothers, what can they really say against terror, they all have used, and which the majority of them believe has been commanded by Allah in his holy book - the Quran?

Is the reason why most people have chosen to hide their criticism behind the mostly by themselves invented notion of “some fanatic Muslim extremist groups” being the ‘only’ problem we face because deep down they are afraid to be seen taking issue with a whole ideology behind it - as being the crux of the problem?

“The fear of man brings snare”, as Solomon said, may therefore God, in His mercy inspire at least some of our leaders, to be men of courage and wisdom to do what is right even at this late hour!

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director

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International Christian Zionist Center 
Jerusalem, August 25, 2002

No Islam NO suicide terrorists

Expert: Americans are naive to believe that Islam is moderate

Suzanne Fields 
April 28, 2003/ 26 Nisan, 5763

"A pessimist," a wise man said, "is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities. An optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties." That neatly sums up the divided opinion about what must happen in Iraq - and subsequently in other countries of the Middle East - now that the first of the tyrants has been toppled.
Both optimists and pessimists buffer their attitudes with interpretations from history, politics and religion. The pessimists emphasize the restraints of the Islamic religion and culture, which they see as constricted by narrow-minded traditions and claustrophobic ideas that, unchecked, dictate a theocratic corruption of political leadership.
The optimists see freedom as a liberating force, lighting the way toward democratic government, which, if nurtured patiently, will propel Iraq into the 21st century. Maybe neighboring countries will follow. Voices of both camps are heard loud and clear across a variety of Washington policy sessions, think tanks, conferences, dinners and cocktail parties.
"Islamic fundamentalists are utopian visionaries who wish to replace Western-style liberal democracies with Islamic theocracy, a fascist system of filth that aims to control every single act of every individual," Ibn Warraq told a conference on Islam the other day, sponsored by the Council for Secular Humanism. "We must take seriously what the Islamists say to understand their motivation (of Sept. 11), that it is the divinely ordained duty of all Muslims to fight in the literal sense until manmade law has been replaced by G-d's law, the Sharia, and Islamic law has conquered the entire world."
You can't be more pessimistic than that.
Warraq excoriates Americans who naively believe "liberal Muslims" when they say their religion is compatible with feminism, human rights, egalitarianism and religious tolerance: "There may be moderate Muslims, but Islam itself is not moderate."
Warraq is as soft-spoken and gentlemanly as his words are inflammatory. When I caught up with him at a reception in his honor and asked him how he accounted for the medieval glories of Islamic civilization, he was courtly and witty as he confronted what he called the "error" in my question.
"Science and the arts came from outside the Muslim world and in spite of the Koran and Islamic law," he told me in the tone of the patient schoolteacher he once was. "Crediting Islam for the medieval cultural glories is like crediting the Inquisition for Galileo's discoveries."
Warraq is the author of a book called "Why I'm Not Muslim," which is industrial-strength blasphemy for a man born a Muslim in India. He lives now in upstate New York. He uses a pen name and resists being photographed to avoid a Salman Rushdie-like fatwa, or death sentence, ordered by an aggrieved imam. His pessimism has the subtlety of a sledgehammer, expressing a passionately felt, if one-sided, interpretation of the religion he was born to deny.
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The optimists who advise Bush policy in the Middle East see the possibility for a great American experiment in developing a secular democracy in that part of the world where Islam is not merely dominant, but often the only one allowed by law. The White House takes its cues from Bernard Lewis, the Middle Eastern scholar who sees several schools of thought within Islam, one of which offered dignity and meaning to impoverished lives centuries ago, inspiring a civilization rich in the arts and sciences in the forefront of human achievement.

"But Islam, like other religions, has also known periods when it inspired in some of its followers a mood of hatred and violence," Lewis writes in his new book {" "The Crisis of Islam."(TO BUY, CLICK ON LINK)

"It is our misfortune that we have to confront part of the Muslim world while it is going through such a period, and most - though by no means all - of that hatred is directed against us."
The glimmer of hope from this perspective resides in the lights of the past that must be revived in the present. If followers of Islam can be persuaded to drop the "victim" mode and hatred of the West that rises so quickly to the surface when Muslims search for someone to blame for their own inadequacies, and channel their energies toward building on a new foundation of freedom, the optimists say they can revive dormant creative energies to buttress a democratic government.

It won't be easy and a bitter struggle lies ahead. "The road to democracy, as the Western experience amply demonstrates is long and hard, full of pitfalls and obstacles" says Lewis. Pessimists focus on the pitfalls, optimists at overcoming the obstacles. That sounds about right, too.

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Arafat didn't act against his fellow Muslim terrorists; neither will Abu Mazen
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Oleg Caricatures from

The Coming Fall of America
2005-06-02 10:53:32  
The Peoples Truth Forum

A recent law passed in Europe during the 3rd Council of Europe Summit bans the condemnation of Islam as both racist and intolerant while equating it to anti-Semitism. The draft from this summit also included the notion of "Islamophobia" and concluded that such words used in public denote discrimination and intolerance to a person's belief.
What this new law does is equate the denunciation of one's religious beliefs with racism. It will eventually make it illegal to write and/or distribute material denouncing Islam as a religion of terror. Further, it will make it possible for Islamically minded people too sue authors of nationalities other than Islam for speaking out about the current atrocities being perpetrated by the countless Jihad organizations that have permeated every nation of the world including the USA.

This recent act of madness by the 3rd Council of Europe brings to mind a letter submitted by a Muslim to Barbara Stock, the founder of which stated that:

"We will fight the infidel to death.

Meanwhile American laws will protect us.
Democrats and Leftist will support us.
UNO will legitimize us.
CAIR will incubate us.
ACLU will empower us.
Western Universities will educate us.
Mosques will shelter us
OPEC will finance us
Hollywood will love us.
Koffi Annan will pass politically correct sympathetic statements for Jihadists.

"Our children will immigrate from Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Indonesia and even from India to the US and to the other Western countries. They will go to the West for education in full scholarship. America is paying and will continue to pay for our children's educations and their upbringing in state funded Islamic schools.

" We will use your welfare system. Our children will also send money home while they are preparing for Jihad.

"We will take the advantage of American kindness, gullibility, and compassion. When time comes, we will stab them in the back. We will say one thing on the camera and teach another thing to our children at home. We will give subliminal messages to our children to uphold Islam at any cost. Our children in America will always care more about Islamic Country's interest
than US interest."

After reading this small excerpt, anyone can plainly see that this is just the tip of the iceberg that will soon start to infiltrate the political halls of justice in America.

If anyone doubts this they only have to go see the latest Hollywood fairly tale blockbuster called "Kingdom of Heaven" that completely rewrites history and portrays Christians as the bad guys; looting, raping, and pillaging everything inside and outside of Jerusalem, while it portrays the Muslims as
the protectors of mankind.

It appears Hollywood forgot their history. Or perhaps they just forgot to mention the fact that most of the Middle East at that time was Christian. This is before the clerics ordered the Jihadists to convert or kill
everyone. They accomplished this even before the Muslim Ottoman Empire rose to power and ostracized, killed, or enslaved all non-Muslim nations within
all their conquered empire.

Can anyone remember the last time a Muslim cleric or Muslim leader denounced any of the recent terrorist attacks against Christians?

Of course these same Muslim leaders and Clerics are the same people that lash out when they think their rights as Muslim's are in question. They do so even as they spew their hate-filled speeches within the walls of their Mosques.

These are the same Muslim leaders and Clerics that fund all the new Wahhabi Mosques being built throughout the USA. They feel it is their right to print material calling for a nation-wide Jihad against anyone that speaks out against Islam.

Can anyone remember the last time a Christian beheaded or blew-up a Muslim with a bomb strapped too his hips because a Muslim burned the Bible or the US flag?

As an American, I am sick and tired of having my freedom whittled away bit by bit, having my constitutional rights stripped away through the activism of those hiding behind a "religion" that advocates hatred, destruction of mankind, and preaches racism and intolerance in the Mosques, but professes
to be a religion of peace to the media.

Perhaps the mainstream media is less sophisticated, but after living and working in Muslim countries for the past 10 years, I can tell you one thing for certain, America is on the Islamic "agenda" and they won't stop until America is ruled by the Sharia law; nothing less is acceptable.

After all, the courts and the American laws will protect them, the ACLU will empower them, the Mosques will shelter them, Hollywood will love them, our
Western Universities will educate them, and the Democrats and Leftist will support them. What better start can you have to start your Jihad in America?

They have already taken a foothold in Europe. America is next.

Posted by Ted Belman at June 2, 2005 10:53 AM  

No Islam, no Osama Bib Ladens, no terror

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